What we do

A month in numbers

November was a typical month for us. Our control room responded to 9.650 calls.

Responses to falls
When someone has a fall we immediately bring help and comfort so there’s no need to rely on trips to A&E.
No response calls
If we try calling and we don’t get through, we’ll pop by to make sure all’s safe and well.
Anxiety calls
We’re here to offer support and reassurance whenever its needed.

Independent living comes from having help and support at hand whenever it’s needed. We’re really proud of the work we do and what our help means for our customers and their families.

Who we are

The Be Independent Team

Be Independent offers first class support and their service allowed my late husband the independence to stay in his own home.”

Mrs Cleaver, York

Our story

At Be Independent our aim is simple - to promote lifelong independence.

Our operators respond to emergency calls and arrange for appropriate help

By creating a high quality telecare and equipment service that redefines care delivery, we can help people manage their lives and stay independent in their own homes.

Be Independent is a social enterprise which means we are a business with a social purpose - supporting people to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible.

What do we do with our profits?

We put any surplus profits back into developing our services in the communities and finding new ways to support those who need us.

Our team

Our employees, are key to provide a quality service. Their experience, skills and dedication to their work means we can deliver the help and support when you need us.

We have a team of dedicated employees working 24/7 to give the support our customers need.

Our vision

We want to help people to continue living independent, happy and fulfilling lives in their homes. By providing high quality services we aim to help people and their families to manage daily living with simple and supportive solutions.

Join our team

If you’re interested in joining our team, please send your CV and covering letter to enquiries@beindependent.org.uk and we’ll be in touch.